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CMSimple-Plugins by QualiFIRE


CMSimple Links:

www.cmsimple.dk The original CMSimple website
www.cmsimple.de The german CMSimple website
www.cmsimple.fr The french CMSimple Website
www.cmsimple.name CMSimple Blog
www.cmsimplewiki.com The wiki for CMSimple

CMSimple Plugins:

cmsimpleplugins.svarrer.dk Plugin-Loader, Calendar, Picture Gallery, Member Pages
www.famnissen.dk/cmsimple_addon Forum, Newsletter, Guestbook
www.internet-setup.de/cmsimple Editor, Counter, Guestbook, Mailform, Newsletter, Voting
www.jat-at-home.be/?CMSimple_plugins Advanced form, News, Download
www.cycronic.de/dev/cmsimple RSS

Other Links:

www.isengrund.de The Border Collie (=dogs) website of my wife
www.jagdundwild.de My hunting website
www.jagd-erding.de The website of my hunting club
www.dermaprotec.com Website for protecting gloves

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