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Simple Installation

The GBook plugin can be installed very easy just by copying the files to the webserver. There are no changes or extensions necessary for the webserver. The guestbook plugin GBook has the same system requirements as CMSimple. Where CMSimple runs, the plugin runs as well.

There are noch changes of CMSimple required. You just have to take care to one requirement. As many other plugins for CMSimple the plugin GBook requires the Plugin Loader from Michael Svarrer. As soons as the plugin GBook is copied to the server, CMSimple automatically detects the plugin and can be used.

The GBook plugin can be used parallely to the default guestbook of CMSimple.

Individual Configuration

Each website is individual, therefore the requests to a guestbook are invidually too. Because of that the most of all features of the GBook plugin are made as options, which can be easily switch on and off. Here a short overview about the most important options:

  • Individual date and time formats are offering you to display the guestbook data as you prefer it or as it is usually in your country. The format definitions are the same as used in PHP.

  • The optional captcha code aoids that spammer are flooding your guestbook with advertisement oder illegal content which must be removed by investing a lot of time and effort. The capthca code is displayed as text (and not as graphic). this helps disabled people to use the guestbook as well, because eg. a graphical display cannot be read by a program.

  • Optional fields like e-mail address, homepage allowing the webmaster to define individual adaptions, which information he likes to request from the visitor of his guestbook.

  • Optional rules for mandatory fields are giving the webmaster more possibilities to control the input of the guestbook. He is able to define eg. if a visitor must enter a title, because it is defined as a mandatory field or if it is just an optional field.

  • A configuration for splitting onto multiple pages shows all guestbook entries in a good readable shape. How many entries per page should be displayed is configurable.

  • Optionally when a new entry is created a notifying e-mail will be sent to the webmaster. This helps you to check easily for new entries without checking the guestbook permanentely.
  • For website which are already using the default guestbook of CMSimple there is a import function avaialable in GBook (since version 0.6).
  • Using multiple guestbooks at the same time (for each language) allows e.g. to have one guestbook for public use and one for the non-public area.

Support of Multiple Languages

The guestbook plugin GBook supports an unlimited number of languages at the same time. For each language the plugin creates its own guestbook file.

The user interface of the guestboook is set to the choosen language. GBook use the language which is used by CMSimple. The actual version supports the following languages:

  • Danish (translation by Per Kongebro)
  • Dutch (translation by Gerd Xhonneux)
  • English
  • Finnish (translated by Ahti Kurki)
  • French (translation by Gerd Xhonneux)
  • German
  • Norwegian (translated by Tobias Michel)
  • Portuguese (translated by JoaoVr)
  • Slovakian (translation by Dr. Martin Sereday)

Compatible with Other Plugins

The guestbook plugin GBook runs successfully together with other plugins like GenizForum, Gallery, MenuManager, SBlog, WDir.

Incompatibilies to the plugins above are not known.

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