Where I get the WebDirectory?

At the moment the WebDirectory plugin WDir is available only at my website as Download. The webdirectory plugin will be continously enhanced. It is an advantage to take a look what's new time by time.

What must be done before you install?

  1. First you have to install CMSimple. If you don't have it, please download this from or from

  2. As next step you have to install the Plugin-Loader from Michael Svarrer or from CMSimple. Without one of the two loader the Guestbook plugin definitely not work.
    You can download the Michael Svarrer's Plugin-Loader from A description how install the Plugin-Loader is included inside of the zipfile.
    Alternatively you can use and download CMSimple 3.0 Plugin-Loader from Download version 3.0 (and only this version) and unzip the file index.php from folder plugins into the folder plugins.

How to install the WebDirectory?

Download the zip-file from Download and unzip it into the folder .cmsimpleplugins. Take care to check the "use folder names" option while unzipping. After unzip you should have the following structure:

| +-wdir
| +-config
| +-css
| +-help
| +-images
| +-languages

After this you can start CMSimple and login into the Admin area. Now you should see the Plugin WDir in the list of all plugins. If you don't see it, something is wrong (check the folder structure).

Plug the webdirectory in your CMSimple-page by adding the line

#CMSimple $output.= wd_list("PathOnServer");#

into your text. You can copy the text line directly from the description here. But please take care to control the HTML-code directly and delete, if necessary, the < FONT >-tags.

Can I use multiple Languages?

WDir supports the use of multiple languages. There are no specific commands necessary. WDir detects automatically which language is currently used and shows the texts in the actual language. The setting of the actual choosen language is taken from CMSimple.

If your language is not listed above, you can create your language as well. Just copy an exiting language file (e.g. en.php), rename this file according to the used language and translate the texts inside.


The plugin WDir can be adapted by some settings. These settings can be used for changing the layout and behavior of WDir.

The following settings are available:

show path:
show colheader:
show summary:
show size:
show changed:
show attributes:
show creator:
show hidden:
open mode:

show path: These option defines, if the path should be shown as header above the the file list.

show colheader: With this option the display of the column header (name, size, changed at) can be switched on and off. The translation for the texts are accessible and modifyable at the admin area.

show summary: If you switch on this option the plugin displays at the end a summary of total number of files and the summarized file size.

show size: This option allows to show or hide the size of the files.

show changed: This option allows to show or hide the date of the last modification.

show attributes: If you like to display all the attributes (read, write, execute) of the files, you must switch on this option. Under normal conditions this option is not necessary.

show creator: This option shows/hides the hint for the manufacturer.

debug: This option switches on the display of several debug information. This can be helpful when you have trouble with the plugin. In normal use this option is not necessary.

show hidden: Under Unix / Linux files starting with a dot are not displayed. An example of such a file is .htaccess. With this option you can define wether those files should be displayed or not.

open mode: This option defines, how the files should be opened. The following options are available:

_blankOpens the file in a new window
Opens the file in the actual window or frame
Opens the file in the frame above (if you are using frames)
Ignores all frames and opens the file in the actual window without any frames (if you're using frames)
The same as _self
Hinweis: Several browser (eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer 7) are supporting so called Tabs. Unfortunately opening of links in a tab isn't supported by HTML. Therefore there is no support apossible in the WDir plugin.