The usage of the Guestbook plugin is free of charges.
Please inform me, when you find a bug.

At the moment the following versions are available:

0.8.4 beta_3
- Text corrections in admin
- support of multiple guestbooks in admin
- deleting entries in admin area
- editing entries in admin area
- corrections in language files
0.8.3 beta

- additional fields for ZIP and CITY
- optional display of city
- problem with quarantine time = 0 fixed

0.8c beta
- optional graphical captcha (bitmap) for better spam protection
0.8b beta
- enhanced captcha (blocks "doris")
0.8a beta
- block list for IP addresses
- block words against spam
- block list for countries (based on
- optionally one guestbook for all languages
- support of hungarian language (thanx to Zsolt Kádas)
- correction of error on checking e-mail (when it is not mandatory), thanx to Flo
- config text "blocked_words" used instead of "spam_words"
- support of &print mode of cmsimple (no page splitting)
- optional quarantine time for new messages
Option for determination of the country
(based on

0.7a Beta
- Corrected language file FR.PHP (thanx to BoB (

0.7 Beta
- corrected config.php (spam_words and show_creator were missing)
- predefined guestbooks for DA, FI, IT, NL, PT, SK added
- Quick link in info e-mail
- Missing guestbook file will be created by plugin
- Link to QualiFIRE now optionally
- support of italian language (thanx to Sandro Cavalieri Foschini)
- support of norwegian language (thanx to Tobias Michel)
- enhanced page navigation (esp. for many pages)
- options for showing e-mail, website and ip-address
- e-mail can optionally be mandatory
- simple encrypting of e-mail addresses (thanx to Eric Levermann)
- enhanced formatting of input fields through css support
- removed old entries from css files
- corrected display of first entry/last page (in some cases not displayed)
- checking for correct e-mail
- storing of ip address now optionally
- protection of the content folder with .htaccess
- adjustable width of message textarea
- option for lower case captcha
- enhanced captcha transfer
- support of smileys (multicolor icons & insert function)
- reorg function for datafile
- info e-mail as html mail

0.6a Beta
- Corrected captcha (pure ascii)
- Another fix for empty guestbooks

02.10.2006 0.6 Beta Changes:
- New folder 'images' for all bitmaps
- All functions renamed to gb_nnnnnnn to avoid conflicts with other plugins
- Function gb_Version() added
- Avoiding error on empty lines in guestbook file
- Support of danish language (thanx to Per Kongebro)
- Support of finish language (thanx to Ahti Kurki)
- Support of dutch language (thanx to Gerd Xhonneux)
- Support of portuguese language (thanx to JoaoVr)
- Enhanced helpfile
- Support of multiple guestbooks per language
- New CSS file for green colored websites
- Import function for original CMSimple guestbook
0.1 Beta 5d
- Enhanced handling of title field (mandatory true/false, show true/false)
- Slowak language support (thanks to Peter)

New patch: for "undefined offset" error

0.1 Beta 5c Chances:
- Enhanced support for MS IIS
- Display of PHP errors

0.1 Beta 5a Changes:
- Support of apostrophe (' and ")
- Checking of mandatory field (incl. white spaces)
- Beautified info email
- Enhanced Captcha
- Thanks email
- Switching on/off
- Support for php w/o bcmath

0.1 Beta 4 Changes:
- French language support (thanks to Gerd)
- Constant width of name cell
- Info mail for new entries
- Empty lines will be ignored

0.1 Beta 3 Changes:
- Display of EMAIL and WEBSITE switchable
- Option for removing HTML and SCRIPT elements
- Full CSS support for colors
- Splitting into multiple pages

0.1 Beta 2 Changes:
- No double entries on refresh
- Text-Captcha for spam protections
- Using CSS for displaying the entries

0.1 Beta 1 Changes:
- Support for multilingual use
- Enhancements of display
- Support of CrLf in message
- Storing of IP address

23.02.2006 0.1 Beta 0 First Beta Version released