The Guestbook Plugin

Sure guestbooks, there are really enough available. But a guestbook which works together with the Plugin-Loader from Michael Svarrer, that I really missed.

Because of that - and the wish to make my own plugin - I had quickly written a Guestbook plugin for CMSimple. The basic functions are realized - and as soon as I have a little time, I will enhance the functionality.

You can use the plugin for free. This a small thank to the CMSimple community, which offers a lot of things for free too.

Special Information "Captcha" and Spam

At the moment a lot of question are send to me according the captcha code. Captcha code is the combination of characters and numbers, which have to entered in my guestbook GBook to check if the a new entry is made by a human being or by a computer program (bot).

The captcha of GBook is changed only once a per day. It contains the IP address send by the browser. Is there a proxy between the webserver and the browser mostly the address of the proxy will be sent. Therefore if you test GBook from several machines using the same proxy you will get at the same day the same captcha.

BUT: This has no influence on the effectivity of the captcha. If you don't believe, go to the guestbook and take a look to the statistics page, where all denied accesses are shown.

NEW: For testing purpose I have installed a multilangual site at Please use this site for tests!